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The humble Bic roller pen is the epitome of affordable elegance.


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2 Intro
B takes a look into the market for low-cost, disposable everyday products, prompting readers to realize how easily these products are overlooked in our daily lives.

32 Line Up
Although BIC is famous for its ballpoint pens, it produces hundreds of other products as well. This section categorizes and introduces BIC products.

34 Inner Space
BIC products can be classified into stationery products, lighters, and shavers. This section introduces the features of BIC’s most iconic products.

36 Disassembly
BIC produces mostly low-cost disposable items albeit with functions which far exceed those of other brands. In this section, B disassembles several BIC products to take a closer look into their functions.

46 BIC and Others
BIC products are affordable, but their functions and designs are comparable to any high-end goods in the same category. BIC’s excellence in quality becomes even more evident when compared to similar low-cost items.

64 Office Supplie
This section surveys the office supplies of various companies where BIC products are used. Popular office supplies are, of course, affordable, yet high in quality.

76 Brand to Brand
BIC products are not collector’s items, so they are often used along with products from other brands. In this section, we ask BIC users what other brands they choose and listen to their stories.

87 B’s Cut
Most BIC products cost less than a dollar, but are considered invaluable. B investigates the value of these small and affordable items.

102 Brand Story
This is the story of how BIC started out in 1950 as a company that sold 29-cent pens, and has now grown into one of France’s most famous brands.

124 Outro
Since the company’s founding, BIC has been a part of the world of disposable everyday products. Today, the presence of BIC has in our daily lives is unable to be ignored.


The first disposable ballpoint pen in the market, BIC Cristal was introduced in 1950 by a French consumer product brand, BIC. Based on a coherent set of ethos to offer high-quality products paired with affordability, BIC has been securing its position in the market by focusing on disposable consumer products.

Pairs nicely with Magazine B: Lamy and Magazine B: Montblanc

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