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In an industry where team and player brands seem to reign supreme, Champions League has established itself as a sign of absolutely the best soccer — games, teams and players — the world has to offer.


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Champions League matches always start in the early evening. B tries to capture the tension charging the stadium at dusk.

B looks at the UEFA Champions League and the other football tournaments that cause excitement around the globe, the European leagues that regularly produce Champions League contenders, and some symbolic items that represent the appeal of the Champions League.

There are football clubs that have made the most appearances in the Champions League semi-finals over the last decade. B examines the values behind each club through the keywords that European football lovers associate with them.

B looks at the promotional efforts made by the official sponsors of the Champions League.

Talks on Champions League
B asked Champions League fans around the world about their thoughts of the league to take a peek at what appeals to them outside of the matches themselves.

Football lovers spend quite a lot of time enjoying their passion. B heard from three feverish Champions League fans about what they do for entertainment besides watching games.

For football lovers, collecting football memorabilia is as meaningful as watching the games.

B looks at the nature and lifestyles of people who enjoy different sports.

B’s Cut
In their endless pursuit to become the best of the best, Champions League players resemble medieval warriors fighting for their lives. B captures this drive in Champions League scenes from the past.

Brand Story
The UEFA Champions League began in 1955 as a football club competition encompassing the whole of Europe. B listens to the story of the Champions League, which has undergone continual refinement on the way to becoming the world’s most prestigious football competition.

Shouts resonate from the stands as the players enter the stadium. The starting whistle blows across a field filled with excitement and tension.


All football players dream of competing in the UEFA Champions League. The league, which began in 1955 as a pan-European football tournament, renamed itself in the early nineties and has evolved since then to become what it is today. Football clubs from across Europe come together in the Champions League to reveal which is the best of the best—and calling forth brand loyalty that not even the World Cup can match.

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