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The absolutely iconic entertainment company that started with a mouse and now includes a Kingdom.


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Disney was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney and Roy O Disney. It started from an animation studio founded by the Disney brothers based in California, USA. They have been highly praised for laying the foundation for the history of modern animation, such as introducing meteor and color animation for the first time, and introducing a system that divides the animation production process. In 1955, it created Disneyland, the world’s first theme park in Anaheim, USA, and created the ‘Entertainment Empire’ Walt Disney Company by strengthening its character intellectual property business and acquiring and merging a number of media companies, including Pixar, Marvel, and 21st Century Fox, to maximize the value of its content. In addition, with the launch of the OTT platform Disney+ in 2019, we are constantly investing in increasing the number of contacts with consumers and creating another growth engine.

Great storytelling reminds us of how we are connected. It reminds us that we are connected in more parts than the differences between each other. We believe that sharing stories about who we are is the best way to find ourselves.

Jennifer Lee, Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney is very special in that it moves the heart. It was impressive that the form of relationship with the consumer was very closely connected, as well as based on emotions. It must be thanks to Disney’s 100 years of relationships and communication with consumers in various ways, and everyone, including Disney’s own stories, products, parks, and soundtracks, must have been connected to Disney at least once at various stages of their lives.

Carol Choy, Executive Vice President, APAC, Local Original Production, The Walt Disney Company

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