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ECM is more than great jazz; it’s a way of life.


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02 Intro
Music fills the air in a concert hall. This is where Manfred Eicher always finds a lead for a sound.

20 Inner Space
ECM’s music is not confined to any one genre. But knowledge of the general classification of music and the ways to appreciate each genre can assist with understanding ECM. Also, B looks at 10 of ECM’s most significant albums to discover the label’s stature and musical values.

Classification / Monumental Albums

28 Compilations
ECM’s fans are drawn to the label’s music for various reasons. B asked a few fans to make compilation albums expressing what they most like about the label.

34 Variations
The lifestyles of ECM’s fans and listeners subtly resemble the label’s music. B visits the spaces they live and work in to find the place ECM music occupies in their daily lives.

56 Shops
Record shops selling ECM albums serve as the windows through which listeners encounter the label’s music. To them, the presence of ECM albums is one of the factors that define the character of their store.

64 Inspirations
ECM’s distinctive music also influences the work of artists working in different artistic worlds.

73 B’s Cut
ECM album covers present an image of the music and serve as the label’s second language after music. The cover art is a look at the landscape of the music.

88 Brand Story
Established at a time when jazz labels were declining, jazz-based crossover label ECM has continued to grow. It now enjoys an unparalleled reputation based on the realization of its motto: “The most beautiful sound next to silence.”

Artists / Sound / Quotes / Talk / Essay

110 Outro
Some people are tireless in their pursuit of sound. B takes a closing look at those who have dedicated themselves to creating great music.


ECM is a jazz-based crossover label founded by Manfred Eicher in 1969. Each ECM album is a fully realized work of art: they are borne from a unique rapport with musicians, recorded in the highest quality, and faced with album covers that are artworks in their own right. amid the rise of digital music, ECM has maintained its core philosophies by focusing on richness of sound and the appreciation of music within the structure of albums.

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