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Freitag brings innovation, sustainability, and wit to bags, and a second life to used tarps.


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Bustling crowd, found anywhere around. Everyone carries a bag around But differences are clearly found. For some, bags are there to carry their belongings. For some others, bags are there as part of fashion statement.

As for him, he is very much attached to this brand. He has used the products for a long time, for frequent use, as he has found uniqueness and value from the brand.

This young lady has just become a fan of Freitag. She is fashion-savvy and wants to know more about the brand.

Freitag has earned its name for its unique stores worldwide. They all share a common trait whilst each boasting its own uniqueness. Out-of-the-box idea can be easily found in every corner of a store.

A close look at the bag after purchase. The best brand of recycled products, Freitag bag reveals how witty a recycled product can be. As Freitag bags were first designed for bicycle riders, they incorporate features particularly useful for bicycle riding.

He has purchased and carried multiple numbers of products after the first encounter. Now at the top of his career ladder as a designer, he is willing to express his own ideas on the brand.

What other brands Freitag fans prefer? Do they share certain “tastes” among themselves?

Freitag bags indeed function as “bags” with durability and easy access to contents-two of the most notable factors that this magazine has thus far found. A series of experiments were conducted to prove what makes a bag a Freitag. * This section is presented with fictitious events in a documentary format so called mockumentary.

Freitag fans often draw attention with their bags-a subtle yet vital set of “clues” to their tastes. A Freitag bag indeed means more than a bag. A story of Markus and Daniel Freitag brothers, the founders of the brand, tells more about the brand. * Markus and Daniel Freitag Brothers

Countless number of brands claims to have fans, but only a handful has fans actively share their experience in online communities. Freitag fans explicitly express their pride and passion for the brand.

Bustling crowd, found anywhere around. Everyone carries a bag around But differences are clearly found. Differences are clearly found between a bag and a Freitag.


In 1993, Markus and Daniel Freitag brothers first created their own brand of recycled products, FREITAG, using tarpaulins, inner tubes from bicycles and automobile seatbelts. Freitag brothers have seen commercial success in the global market; yet at the same time, they are in constant pursuit of sustainable business cycle.

Publisher and founder Suyong Joh introduces both Freitag and Magazine B:

The magazine’s first issue is “Freitag” – the very brand I have always considered well-balanced. Freitag offers bags made from reused material – however, thistakes only small portion of the vertex of the prism – “philosophy.” Practicality as they perfectly function as bags, style and sophisticated business operation paired with carefully planned production and supply chain, are taking the brand to the different realm from conventional environmental movement calling for use of, for example, eco bags.

First of all, Freitag’s bag is very functional. That’s what the bag-maker seems to be focusing on the most. At the same time, its products are stylish and they consciously convey messages. I think a recycled product repels its potential customers when it explicitly states it’s recycled. For anyone who aspires to be eco-conscious, not necessarily an environmental activist, Freitag could be one of the answers.
Suyong Joh, Publisher of Magazine B
The entire manufacturing process is transparent – it is easy to see where every part of Freitag products comes from. I personally like adding variations to making method revolving around the same material and I think Freitag is good at it.
Kwangho Lee, Designer

This issue of B pairs perfectly with Magazine B: Thule, Magazine B: Vibram and Magazine B: Patagonia

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