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Hansa’s realistic, expressive, plush toys transform child’s play into a luxury experience.


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02 Intro
A glimpse at the living animals on the other side of the cage, and outside the window. Face-to-face with nature, B imagines a life coexisting alongside it.

26 Inner Space
B divided and looked into Hansa product lines according to the characteristics that define them.

32 VS
Several other brands are making plush animals similar to Hansa Toys’. But they show very different design directions even when they take the same animal as a motif.

42 Interior
Hansa plush animals are characterized by their realistic features. They are more than just toys and are also used for decorating homes and commercial spaces.

60 Toys as Decorations
B went to multi-brand lifestyle stores all across the world, looking for other objects that straddle the border between toy and decorative object.

64 Different Roots
Lifestyle brands have widened the spectrum of decorative items with stuffed animals embodying a variety of concepts.

72 Selection
For stores selling Hansa, the brand’s products hold a greater significance than those of any other toy brand. Hansa plush animals serve to clearly demonstrate brand and store identity.

76 Collectors
Many people collect images and items featuring an animal they are strongly attached to. B looked into these animal-themed collections.

81 B’s Cut
From time to time, they almost seem to be the very image of reality.

96 Brand Story
Hansa Toys began in 1972 as an educational toy brand for preschool-aged children in Australia. Hans Axthelm, the founder, made a breakthrough by introducing something the saturated toy market had never seen: realistic, life-size plush toys.

120 Outro
Behind the success of Hansa Toys lies the human desire to reach out to other living beings. B looked for images of reality hidden in daily life.


Hansa Toys, A Maker Of Realistic Plush Toys, Was Founded By Hans Axthelm, Who Had Been Running An Educational Toy Maker In Australia Since 1972. After Hansa Toys Established A New Base In The Philippines In 1994, The Company Began Offering Toys With Delicate, Artistic Expressions That Allowed Them To Connect Emotionally With Consumers And Bring Life To Various Spaces As High-Quality Lifestyle Objects.

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