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Dramatic transformation from a working-class staple to a fashion inspiration.


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A journey to exotic places means encountering unexpected items. Perhaps one of those items will be a pair of flip-flops.

Snaps in Hawaii
Havaianas means “Hawaiians” in Portuguese. B went to Hawaii in search of the ease, comfort, and pleasure the brand stands for.

Slippers on the Beach
What sandal brands can be seen on vacation?

Havaianas features affordable models, as well as relatively pricier special editions. This section looks at various flip-flop brands by price range.

Concept Store
The Havaianas Concept Store, located on Oscar Freire Street in São Paulo, is the one and only store that sells the entire Havaianas collection.

Havaianas produces a wide variety of sandals in different colors and patterns, but its product line-up also includes a few other items such as sneakers and Espadrilles.

Snaps in Brazil
Havaianas has become a global brand, but for many Brazilians it’s just an established part of everyday life. This section captures the daily lives of people we met on the streets of São Paulo.

Brazilian Life
Havaianas sandals are daily necessity and a national icon for Brizilians.

Snaps in the City
Havaianas work well with lots of different outfits.

B’s Cut
Havaianas’ dynamic history and varied designs all come from a single origin. This section looks into the idea behind the brand and its history.

Brand Story
We met people working for Alpargatas to find out more about the history of Havaianas and to learn about the diverse possibilities for brand positioning.

Havaianas has gone from being something you only saw on vacation spots to a part of the urban lifestyle.


Havaianas created its first pair of sandals in 1962. In fact, the name Havaianas came from a Portuguese word meaning “HAWAIIANS” and the design idea was inspired by Zori, typical Japanese sandals. Yet the Brazilian sandal brand has evloved to deftly infuse culture and inspiration of its home, Brazil. Havaianas is filled with fascinating stories behind a dramatic transformation it has made – from a sandal maker targeting working class to a go-to brand for fashionistas today.

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