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As Mercedes-Benz’s nemesis, Audi is another definition of German luxury and performance.


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02 Intro
The goal of Audi’s founder was to make an automobile that “runs well.” Let’s imagine the loud roar of the engine as we go back to those days.

32 Line Up
Audis are classified into three groups according to shape and function, and these differences are reflected in the model names. Here are a few of Audi’s more than 40 models that are noticeable in sales, price, and other qualities.

36 Inner Space
Here are the design elements and core technologies behind Audi’s competitiveness.

48 VS
Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are all premium German automobiles, but they all have very different characters. In this section, we compare their differing designs, sensibilities, and performance.

54 German Cars
We met with four people who drive cars from different German brands. Even though they work for the same design company in Munich, they all had their own reasons for choosing their car.

58 My Audi
Audi users don’t play favorites, and all segments of the company’s lineup enjoy nearly equal popularity with consumers. We met the owners of four different Audis and asked them what they thought about their current model and how it differed from their previous car.

66 Features
We asked some Audi drivers about the details they most appreciate in their cars.

72 New Premium
Audi’s unique sensibility has birthed a new premium value sensibility that sets Audi apart from other premium car brands. The meaning of this “new premium” becomes evident when we look into the lifestyles of Audi drivers.

97 B’s Cut
If we examine Audi’s history, we can see that the automaker’s image of understated luxury is the result of a focus on technology.

112 Brand Story
Audi was founded in 1932 as a union of several small automobile companies. Since that time, Audi has pursued constant innovation through technology acquired in numerous M&As. We take a look at how a quality-focused mass-market automaker evolved into an industry-leading premium brand.

138 Outro
Views from inside an Audi. Let’s listen to the sound of its quiet movements.


Audi’s history began in the early twentieth century when August Horch, a former automobile engineer, merged four small-sized automotive companies to establish Auto Union. After numerous mergers and acquisitions, auto union joined the Volkswagen Group in 1964 and spent the following two decades rebranding itself. Initially, Audi was known only for making cars that performed well, but the brand has since come to represent a new style of understated premium value. The brand has also grown, and has now become a true premium brand, in image, sales, and all other facets of its business.

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