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Much like the fall of the Berlin Wall— the defining symbol of the thaw of the Cold War— Berlin is a city where borders are crossed and prejudices are torn down. Treading across and blurring perimeters of commerce and art, high culture and low culture, the traditional and the modern, the city heartily welcomes peoples and cultures of all kinds. Turkish street food alongside a fine dining restaurant run by a gangster-turned-Michelin star chef; an art gallery nestled in a WWII bunker and an airport transformed into a park— these are just a few examples of the spirit of diversity that prevail throughout the city of Berlin.

BERLIN is part of the Magazine B cities collection, including BALI, PORTLAND, SEOUL, KYOTO and BANGKOK


AREA 1 – Mitte
At the center of Berlin’s tourist attractions, each street has its own distinct characteristics

Multinational creators are building up a distinctive Berlin culture in their own unique ways

AREA 2 – Prenzlauer Berg
An area where you can find places that are small and unique

AREA 3 – Kreuzberg
The diversity of Berlin’s cultural scene continues to evolve

AREA 4 – Neukölln
A carefree neighborhood that is driven by the spirit of artists

AREA 5 – Tiergarten
A contemporary commercial district has formed around parks and zoos

Items that inhabit the essence of Berlin

Brand Scene
Stores for international brands that reflect the unique local culture and aesthetic

User’s guide for Berlin’s public transit system

AREA 6 – Charlottenburg
A cultured borough that encapsulates the olden glory of Western Europe

AREA 7 – Elsewhere
Other areas that reveal the hidden facets of Berlin

Places where a traveler can enjoy both familiarity and convenience

Books that introduce Berlin from different perspectives

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