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Portland, the hipster capital known for coffee, passionate creativity, and Nike.


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Editor’s Letter

Portlanders, the landmarks of Portland

Part 1. Good Living
The healthy local business culture built by Portland’s people pursuing a better life

Portland’s coffee roasteries seek identity and originality as independent roasteries

Part 2. Craftsmanship
The craftsmanship of Portland: a spirit of adding newness to traditional ways

Part 3. DIY
DIY culture emerges from the self-made and collaborative life of Portlanders

A day of three Portlanders and their stories

Made in PDX
Items made in Portland seen through the lenses of a camer

The brands fueling the creativity of Portland

The local community: the source of growth for small businesses in Portland

Part 4. Alternative
Businesses born in search of otherness or alternative solutions

Part 5. Weirdness
People who create new values with their own unique energy

A Day of Music
Portland’s music scene explored with guidance from a local record label expert

Outsiders’ View
Portland from the perspective of people outside Portland

Way of Living
Three daily experiences in Portland

The political and social dynamics of Portland, Oregon, viewed through the media

Portland by the numbers



Located in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest region on the West coast of United States, Portland is a city surrounded by nature. It serves as the headquarters of large outdoor sports brands such as Nike and Columbia Sportswear and is also home to Kinfolk, a wunderkind of magazine culture, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a leading force in the specialty coffee scene. Although Portland is not known for its architectural wonders or trendy shopping districts like New York or London, the city is bubbling with creativity, with products and artwork made with traditional techniques and local materials as well as alternative forms of businesses that were born of passion.

PORTLAND is part of the Magazine B cities collection, including BERLIN, SEOUL, BALI, KYOTO and BANGKOK

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