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Magazine B Repetto


The story of the great ballet shoe brand, Repetto.


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Magazine B Repetto TABLE OF CONTENTS:

TA cheerful ballerina tiptoeing in her tutu and ballet shoes. This is the captivating image that many have of ballet.

Inner Space
Repetto’s signature item, ballet flats, incorporates the shape and function of ballet pointe shoes. B looked into the multiple lines of shoes and clothing that Repetto has developed from this basic model.

French Chic
The style of Repetto, with its natural, unadorned beauty, might be called “French chic.” B went to France to look at the styles unique to the French and ask them what brands they think are the most “French.”

Repetto flat shoes blend in seamlessly with many different styles and occasions. B met with a number of Repetto consumers engaged in several different occupations.

Brand to Brand
Repetto users introduce the other flats they enjoy.

Iconic Details
The little ribbon on the Repetto Cendrillon represents the brand itself. But Repetto is not the only shoe brand with this sort of iconic detail.

B’s Cut
Flats are usually worn for how comfortable they make our feet. B took a close up look at the marks feet leave on their Repettos.

Brand Story
Begun in 1947 as a manufacturer of professional ballet shoes, Repetto created the Cendrillon, a “fashion flat,” designed with the sensibility of a dancer and made with Repetto’s exclusive manufacturing techniques. This is the story of a brand that has maintained an authentic identity amid crisis, and whose reputation as a fashion shoe brand has continued to grow.

Different flats for different people. Wearing flats lightens their steps, and they walk almost as though dancing.


Repetto, a French ballet shoes company, was born in 1947 when Rose Repetto first made ballet shoes for her son, the legendary ballerino Roland Petit. Repetto’s innovative manufacturing techniques and Petit’s experience as a dancer resulted in shoes of exceptional quality. The features that made Repetto’s ballet shoes great were later employed in the brand’s everyday shoes. The brand underwent further evolution in the 1980s when a new CEO, Jean-Marc Gaucher, introduced an element of fashion to the brand’s original identity as a maker of dancing shoes.

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