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The Streaming Bundle: Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify

The three Magazine B Streaming Issues


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The Streaming Bundle includes Magazine B’s  three different streaming media issues: Netflix: The innovator in home movies — from discs by mail to streaming, to one of the biggest film and television studios in the world; Apple Music, whose own content journey started with the iPod and iTunes, and now includes Apple Music, and (coming this fall) Spotify, the Swedish streaming music and podcasting giant, holding its own as an independent in a world of giants.

Each of these services has redefined the way the customers select and consume media. In the case of Netflix and Spotify (with podcasts), the services have also become formidable content creators.

Creating new consumer habits is challenging, and unbelievable profitable if you get it right. Each of these companies has, in its own way. The Reading-B Streaming Bundle give you a chance to learn more about each of these companies reshaping what media we watch and listen to.

Note about availability:
The Streaming Bundle will ship this fall when Magazine B: Shopify is published in English. To enjoy Netflix and Apple Music now, order them indvidually. We will be contacting customers who’ve purchased those titles when Spotify becomes available le.

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