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The series bundle

The Series Bundle: Home, Shop, Neighborhood

The three SERIES Issues about where we live, shop and make community


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The Series Bundle includes Magazine B’s three issues about the places we live, shop and form community.

‘THE HOME’ is a book about houses and people. The house dealt with in ‘The Home’ pays more attention to the house with a clear attitude and how the person staying in the house treats the space of the house rather than the shape, size, or style. And according to that attitude, they grouped similar types of houses. ‘Home Office’ for those who live and work at home, ‘Suburban Life’ for those who are willing to accept the inconvenience and choose to live a free life in the suburbs, ‘Gathering Place’ for those who bring the role of community into their home It is a binding expression. The Magazine<B> editorial department interviewed various creators at home and abroad through ‘The Home’ and talked about the meaning and purpose of the existence of a house, and how many different forms of universal living space we commonly think of can be used.

‘THE SHOP’ introduces several shops in cities such as Seoul, Tokyo, London and LA that give people the fun of discovery and experience in different creative ways. A hybrid-type shop that serves as both a restaurant and an exhibition space as well as a store that sells goods; From shops that explore the originality of the region in which they are located, the shops that are grouped into five main features each show various aspects.

“THE NEIGHBORHOOD”  is a detailed look at the neighborhood as a cornerstone of life. In modern society, the neighborhood functions as another ‘home’, and we constantly envision our own ideal neighborhoods. Six ‘ideal’ neighborhoods- Körnerkiez in Berlin, Charonne in Paris, Seochon in Seoul, Greenwich Village in New York, Hampstead in London, Venice in LA- are introduced. We met with those who have helped sculpt the neighborhoods into what they are today- from the locals to the shop owners- to see what the six communities have in common and what sets them apart.


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