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Thule pioneered the outdoor gear roof rack market, and continues to set the standard.


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Vehicles are a means to transport things as well as people. Most vehicles, however, end up a mess.

Car Accessories
There are a wide range of accessories that can be attached to vehicles in different ways and for different purposes. B examines where Thule’s products fit in.

Inner Space
Thule’s products can be categorized into roof bars, cargo boxes and carriers. This section takes a close look at some of the signature products in each category.

B examines the functions and unique mounting options Thule offers when compared with similar products from other brands.

B looks at the way four different outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts transport their gear, and the place occupied by the Thule brand.

User’s Belongings
B takes a glance at the sorts of items Thule fans often carry or store in their vehicles.

Brands for Thule
These are some of the other items Thule fans splurge on.

User’s View
A substantial number of Thule fans claim to enjoy outdoor sports activities. B takes a glimpse through the lenses of Thule’s fans to discover the message the brand’s products deliver.

B’s Cut
Thule’s products ensure unsurpassed protection for outdoor sports equipment.

Brand Story
Thule first began in a small workshop in a suburban area of Sweden. B has uncovered some stories behind the brand’s growth that show how it claimed an unrivaled position in the industry.

Thule’s products ensure safe transportation of equipment and luggage. Thule positions itself at the point where everyday life and the outdoors meet.


THULE began in 1942 as a fishing tackle business and was named after its Swedish-born founder, Erik Thulin. Later, benefitting from increasing global prosperity, THULE took advantage of growth in the Swedish automobile industry and increasing popularity of outdoor activities by pioneering the market for outdoor equipment roof racks. The Swedish manufacturer remains a standard-setter in this industry today, thanks to the incomparable sturdiness and sleek designs of its products. Like Magazine B brand Porter, transporting your tools of work and leisure is an art in itself.

Some brilliance on what good branding has in common with being a good person from Magazine B founder Suyong Joh:

A comment that I often hear from executives with an interest in “branding” goes something like this ― I want to build a brand that makes fans rave whenever they hear its name. That sort of passionate loyalty would make a brand sustainable over the long term, but it hasn’t been easy to achieve. I have invested a substantial amount of resource employing brand marketing consultants and running an in-house team focused on branding ― but none of them had any really great ideas. In fact, from management’s perspective, a substantial part of branding begins a “feeling” for a branding idea. The desire for the sort of brilliant ideas that can transform a brand is one of the reasons companies hire external branding consultants.
In my personal opinion, establishing a good brand ― a sustainable brand ― is similar in many ways with the process of becoming a good person. For me, being a “good person” means the following things. First of all, thinking for yourself ― it might generally be desirable to be just and get along well with other people, but that’s not always the case. Second, consistency ― people around you should be able to see that you’ve been consistent from the past to the present and believe that you will be consistent in the future, too. Third, the courage to stick with your ideas and maintain consistency, even when it sometimes seems like there might be an easier path. People are not won over by the way a person looks at one particular moment, and no matter how hard you try to mimic someone you think is alright, your real self will eventually be seen.
Establishing a good brand requires the same elements. Distinct ideas and trust-inspiring consistency, but also the courage to not stay away from risk ― these are elements that can’t be made for you by a brand consultancy or an in-house branding team. Just as in life, you can seek out advice from people outside your situation, but they cannot tell you where to go. People who personally lack these three qualities will find it difficult to create them in their businesses. Those who have confidently lived by their own ideas and will, however, will likely succeed.

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