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WHISKEY an “ingredient” in our state of mind as much as our menus.


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Letter from F


The very private records of enthusiasts

On Islay

Navigating Islay, Scotland, the island of whiskey

Whiskey Bible

Whiskey basics from varieties to labels

Academic Manual

Facts on whiskey including historical records, information, latest trends, and more

F Cut

Beautiful tools used with whiskey

Interview Mark Donald

The chef of the Glenturret Lalique Restaurant expresses the philosophy of the time-honored distillery through his dishes


The secret people behind the industry

New Wave

Independent bottlers and fledgling distilleries that challenge the traditional industry

Fine Spirited

Prominent bars and bartenders in the fine liquor market

Whiskey Holic

The life of aficionados

Interview Mardonn Chua

A chat with founder of Endless West, a startup using molecular science 

Fable Whisky

The gpstudio and Calum Lawrie, cofounder of independent brand Fable Whisky, encapsulate diverse genres and arts in their spirits


Whiskey shops where you can find what you like


Products made with whiskey


Interesting books and video clips 





Whiskey, made from germinated barley malt, water, and yeast, is an alcoholic beverage made from distilled spirits. It was first produced by Buddhist monks for medicinal purposes sometime between the fourth and fifth centuries. Depending on the primary ingredient, the drink is categorized into malt, grain, or blended whiskey, and the manufacturing method determines its type into Scotch, Irish, bourbon, Canadian whiskey and other varieties.

Since the unique aroma and flavor are formed through the long-term aging in oak barrels, many variables play a role in producing quality whiskey. Master distillers, who oversee production, control these variables and study the combination of flavors to craft a signature formula that reflects a distillery’s personality. Recently, independent bottling companies that do not own distilleries have been ramping up their efforts, innovating with experiments like not printing the age on the label or breaking the limitations of resting times.

Pairs nicely with Magazine F: Beer.

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