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Bridging the amateurs and professionals divide with essential products and a flexible brand.


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It is excting to think of using the same equipment that professional athletes use during games.

Line Up
Wilson makes equipment for ball sports, including racquet sports, team sports and golf.

Inner Space
Wilson makes a wide range of products, but there are a few that the company has made its name for.

Wilson strives to achieve a certain level of quality. This quality becomes evident when we compare Wilson products with competing products for the same sport.

This section compared Wilson’s main products and its competitors.

Big Game Partners
Wilson balls are the official balls of various leagues. The character of these competitions is reflected in their other partners and sponsors.

Wilson has a familiar image, which is why it stands out in a sports equipment market that usually focuses on science and technology.

Value + Quality
With the exception of a few premium brands, most Wilson products are for the amateur sports fans looking for high-quality sports equipment at a reasonable price. This section looks into other sports brands that take a similar approach.

Brand to Brand
Items that Wilson fans always have with them when playing sports.

B’s Cut
This section observes the way in which Wilson appears throughout the course of an ordinary day.

Brand Story
Wilson was started in 1913 as a way to make use of slaughterhouse by-products. It is now an influential sports equipment brand. B took a look at the story behind this transformation.

Wilson Players / Partner Games / Amer Sports

Where there is space, there are sports. Wherever there are sports, Wilson is there.


WILSON first started in Chicago, Illinois in 1913 as an idea to produce tennis racket strings and surgical sutures with the animal by-products from the company’s slaughterhouses. The company currently offers quality products for most ball sports including tennis, baseball and basketball. Unlike rival companies that stress a dynamic or powerful image, WILSON sets itself apart by establishing a brand image filled with friendliness. The have perfected the art of satisfying both amateur and professional audiences, building and retaining a strong reputation with both audiences.

When I first tried Wilson products, my initial impression was that they didn’t look that fancy but their performance was solid. With basketballs in particular, functionality is key because it affects your overall performance during games. That being the case, brand name isn’t really that important. I feel that Wilson has a thorough understanding of what a ball should be, and doesn’t cut any corners.
Hyuk Park, Office worker
Wilson’s products are well known for their quality. They’re affordable, too. I’ll continue to use Wilson products. Wilson offers products at different levels of price and quality, but most of their products have good quality and work well for both amateurs and professionals.
Fermin Reza, Manager of a junior baseball team

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